Does your auto insurance cover

Does your auto insurance cover

A Drivesure policy can.

Complement your primary auto insurance with a Drivesure policy and get coverage for the costs you might not be expecting to pay after an accident.

Are you fully covered by your auto insurance?

If your vehicle is financed or leased, a write-off without New Car Replacement or Better Car Replacement insurance could leave you owing more on your loan than what your insurance settlement will pay off.

Keep more money in your wallet after a claim.

Our optional add on coverage’s can reimburse your deductibles, pay for additional rental vehicle use, and even reimburse you for the first years increase to your primary insurance after a claim.

Replacement Insurance Policies

If your vehicle is 8 years old or newer, you qualify for replacement insurance coverage with Drivesure. 

New Car Replacement

Get the brand new model of your car after a write-off.

For Vehicles 1-5 Years Old

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Better Car Replacement

Get a car with the same purchase price as your car, plus up to an additional 20% after a write-off.

For Vehicles 2-8 Years Old

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Add On Coverage

Add more protection to your replacement insurance policy with add on coverage’s.

OEM Parts

Repairs your vehicle with Genuine Manufacturers Parts

For Vehicles 1-5 Years Old

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Diminished Value

Get a cheque for the value your vehicle loses after an accident

For Vehicles 1-8 Years Old

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Plus Package

Reimburses you for deductibles, lost key fobs and more.

For Vehicles 1-8 Years Old

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Not Your Average Replacement Insurance

We’ve designed our policies to stand out from the competition.

Locked in Premiums

Your Drivesure premium won't increase because of a claim, change in address, or young drivers.

Flexible Terms

Policy terms up to seven years are available for brand new vehicles.

Payment Plans

Finance your policy monthly through your bank account or credit card.

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